Our Story

In 2008 Jo and Randy Hopkins created the One by One Foundation.  One of the missions supported by the Foundation is supporting impoverished and orphaned children in Ghana by providing support, education and vocational training.  As they work to achieve this mission, Jo and Randy have had the opportunity to spend time in Ghana experiencing the County, people, and culture.

One of the many things Jo and Randy fell in love with is that Ghana is a land of beautiful and vibrant people and colors.  These vibrant colors are seen in many of the fabrics used to create their clothing and marketplace merchandise.  The colors not only contain special meaning but uniquely capture the vibrant beauty of Ghana and its’ people.

With a strong desire to share Ghana’s beauty with others, and always seeking ways to further support their Foundation, Jo and Randy created the One by One Ghana Store.  With the support of Richard (a local businessman), Romeo (a former Foundation student, skilled as a tailor), and many local artisans, the One by One Ghana Store creates authentic hand-made merchandise available for purchase.

When you purchase merchandise from the One by One Ghana Store, you not only gain a beautiful piece of Ghana… but your help us support the local economy and community in Ho… and most importantly, you help support the One by One Foundation.

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